Ivellisse Morales

Ivellisse is a marketing & branding strategist who comes alive when she exercises her craft and curiosity to positively impact the world. She brings nearly a decade of experience designing and executing social impact strategies and marketing campaigns for corporate brands, government, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs. Through her work at Ogilvy, IDEO, and Cone, Ivellisse has had the opportunity to collaborate alongside major brands like EY, Johnson & Johnson, Keds and Northwestern Mutual on social and environmental issues that matter. In addition to her work with Rocket, Ivellisse serves as the lead strategist and founder of bombilla creative, a Bay Area-based marketing & branding consultancy for changemakers.

Ivellisse holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Boston University. In her free time, she enjoys eating self-improvement books for breakfast, urban hiking in San Francisco, and cuddling with her Boston Terrier

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