where are we now?

Black lives still matter. Nearly 9 months after the murder of George Floyd and the rise of corporate voices and investments around racial justice, where are we now?

Research shows that 80% of companies recognize the need to address their role in systemic racial inequality, yet there is much more work to be done.

8 questions

8 questions

Check out 8 questions Rocket recommends CSR leaders continue to ask themselves in their journey to move the needle on deeper diversity, equity and inclusion in their work.

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Does my strategy reflect long-term commitment, versus a one-time initiative or effort?


What efforts is my company making at the executive level to ensure long-term commitment to advancing diversity and racial equality?


Has my company and/or department done an internal audit of policies, procedures and programs to ensure that we are achieving diversity and equity goals?


Is there deeper opportunity to re-evaluate my CSR priorities, programs, vendors and/or partners to ensure we are furthering support of BIPOC individuals?


Who are the stakeholders impacted by my strategy, and what trainings, education and/or communication will be beneficial to gain their support and participation?


Is my company and department going beyond to holistically integrate DEI into the business through hiring goals and practices, employee education and communications strategies?


How is my company and team leveraging our voice to promote information, discussion and education on racial justice and equality?


What measurable outcomes are we looking to achieve?

Melanie Newell
Senior Vice President, Rocket Social Impact

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