Gun Violence Prevention: How Corporations Can Take Action

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In the United States gun violence is the leading cause of death among children and teens. No other countries of comparable size or wealth, list firearm deaths in the top 4 causes of mortality, let alone the first. With a reality so grim, gun violence prevention (GVP) is easily one of the most critical causes of our time.

We know that many social impact leaders and businesses are looking for ways to take action but with the issue of gun violence so complex and highly politicized, few know where to start.

"Companies can create an expansive network of new advocates by educating employees on available GVP resources and tools."

Rocket has compiled this guide as a resource for business action on gun violence prevention. The guide provides information on various opportunities for corporate involvement, recognizing that there is a spectrum of engagement options for the corporate sector.

Rocket’s GVP Corporate Action Guide outlines 5 key action considerations with background insights on the issue and top tips for tactical implementation. It discusses how to:
  • Empower employee engagement to activate workforces as advocates
  • Change the narrative around gun violence with data-informed communications
  • Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into your GVP approach
  • Leverage corporate influence to promote GVP resources and policies
  • Support victims, survivors, and organizations closest to the work

With this guide, we challenge you to consider the broad spectrum of actions that can be taken around gun violence. Now is the time to engage. Now is the time to act.



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Gun Violence Prevention: How Corporations Can Take Action

In the United States gun violence is the leading cause of death among children and teens. How can corporations move the need on this increasingly relevant issue?

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